Linda Shanahan

Friday, April 13, 2018 - 12:00
Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 12:00

Linda Shanahan, RN, MSN wears many hats. She is an herbalist with a small clinical practice serving her local community. She is a critical care nurse and nursing instructor. And perhaps the hardest role, is that of grower of medicinal herbs. She likes to say that she provides disease care as a nurse and healthcare as an herbalist and farmer. Wanting to provide more healthcare for people and the environment, Linda, along with her husband Eric Vander Hyde, operates Barefoot Botanicals, a certified organic herb farm providing culinary and medicinal herbs to area restaurants and herbal product manufacturers. She brings her two worlds of knowledge together as a community health educator teaching about the safe use of medicinal and culinary herbs along with a healthy lifestyle. Linda and Eric's herbs can also be found in area retail herb stores, food cooperatives, and online at www.barefootbotanicals.net.

Barefoot Botanicals is a certified organic herb farm and we will be completing their 10th growing season this year. Started out as a diversified vegetable and CSA operation, primarily serving the local community and area restaurants with high quality, organically grown vegetables, herbs and flowers. Herb production was limited during the first years to meet the needs of their own community, area herbalists and small manufacturing companies. Over time, they have become more specialized as the need for regionally produced, high quality medicinal herbs became increasingly evident as a way for their farm to become a more sustainable operation economically and environmentally. Greater emphasis on perennial crops, contract growing, and value added products such as their farm distilled hydrosols have breathed new life into the farm, allowing Linda and Eric to combine their skills and creativity to create products that reflect them better than any others could. The primary products are now bulk fresh and dried herbs for the medicinal herb and restaurant markets, farm distilled hydrosols, herbal syrups, and specialty edible flowers. Linda and Eric  love what they are doing and their only regret is not transitioning to herb production sooner!