Earthbound Artisan is a social enterprise. We focus on sustainable landscape design, construction, and consultation that relies on natural systems and processes. That means we prefer using native plants and ecological benefactors in design and construction. And we only hand-weed and use organic soil amendments in management.

Earthbound Artisan LLC was founded in the spring of 2014 by Tim Seifarth. At the time, Tim had over twenty years of landscape experience, having worked for landscape construction companies since he was a teenager. He is also an ISA certified arborist. In the fall of 2016, Tim brought on Garrett Book—a friend and former coworker—to fulfill the role of landscape designer. At the time, Garrett had eight years of landscape experience. He also holds two degrees: associate in horticulture/landscape design, and master of divinity.

Earthbound Artisan’s office is located in the SoWe neighborhood of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Native and Naturalized Gardens
Our combined thirty years of gardening and crafting experience provides our clients with designs that works best for their needs and desires. We offer traditional native gardens and designs based on permaculture. Permaculture is a design technique that focuses on mimicking systems within the broader ecosystem and applying them to the yard. More succinctly, we design with a purpose.
The Pennsylvania Herb and Garden Festival will feature a landscape display created by Earthbound Artisan LLC.
The display will be a "Garden Retreat" using native plants, trees, and shrubs creating an environment to attract birds and butterflies.  Be sure to walk the path through the garden and visit the 'She Shed' filled with unique handcrafted items for sale.

Earthbound Artisan LLC will be available to answer questions and help you with your own garden design.